Maren Morris: Reaching a Time of Validation

“There’s Growing Pains, Too, With Everything”

Maren Morris is only 27. So she’s somewhere between being a young adult and just an adult.

It’s a spot she thinks is pretty validating.

“It’s like you work your entire life to get to do these things,” Morris said in a recent radio interview, “and when you finally hit a spot where you can, it’s just real validating.”

One of those things she was talking about was owning a home, a goal that she is currently working on.

“There’s growing pains, too, with everything,” she said. “I’ve never owned a house, so I don’t even know if I’m going to own this one I’m looking at, but I’m excited to get into that phase of my life.”

Morris thinks that your early 20s are the hardest, because she says, “You’re still coming out on these teen years where you don’t know who you are, and you’re figuring yourself out.”

But seven years after hitting 20, Morris sounds like she is feeling good about her number.

“I think now that I’m 27, which is still young, I’m not super wise, by any means,” she said. “But I certainly know who I am now.”