Jon Pardi Searches for His “Heartache on the Dancefloor”

He’s Got It Bad in His Brand New Video

It all starts in a West Coast beachside town. A chance encounter with a beautiful girl at a party ignites a spark for the cowboy. One dance and one bohemian, beach bonfire under the stars later and he’s hooked — and can’t bring himself to leave town until he finds her.

The new video is as fun visually as the musical groove itself. The bright blue hue of the buildings, Pardi’s perfect denim-on-denim getup and that classic car really make this sunny video pop. Pardi has always brought the party with his music and his videos, but this is a side we’ve never seen before — and we like it.

We’ll be seeing even more of Pardi’s fun antics as he prepares to headline CMT on Tour Presents Jon Pardi’s Lucky Tonight Tour this fall with special guests Midland and Runaway June.

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