Maren Morris on the Power of the Female Perspective

And Why She Refuses to Be the “Pretty Scenery”

Ask Maren Morris, and she will tell you: there is power in the female perspective, and it doesn’t just date back to yesterday.

During a delightfully open and honest phone chat with, Morris talked about the female trailblazers who set the songwriting bar for her as a woman many, many years ago.

Matt Winkelmeyer

Carole King, Dolly Parton, CMT’s Artist of a Lifetime honoree Loretta Lynn — these were just a few of the names given by Morris as a shining example of strength and sensitivity in verse and voice.

“These women weren’t wallflowers,” she observed.

“They were completely empowering and unapologetic in their stance. And there was also this really intense vulnerability that no one was able to show at that time, especially in male artists and songwriters. You have to be a man you have to be masculine and not show any sort of weakness. Women were showing their strength through vulnerability, which is why I still believe it’s so necessary to showcase that.

You don’t turn on a song and think if it’s a woman’s voice, ‘Oh my gosh this is just about her trying to flirt with a guy and be the pretty scenery at the party,’ it’s like no. None of those women that I just mentioned were that ever. So, I try to keep that torch lit with my own songwriting and the way that I conduct myself, and I really respect the women around me today in the modern scope of music that carry that torch, as well.”

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