Mitchell Tenpenny Talks Love and Loss on Telling All My Secrets

Opens Up About the Rejection and Opportunities that Shaped Him

Mitchell Tenpenny is one of those rare musicians who is OK with his songs being bigger than his name.

That’s how he was raised growing up with his grandmother, Donna Hilley, a prominent figure in Music Row’s publishing world. Before she passed in 2005, she helped facilitate the careers of Nashville’s great tunesmiths, including Bobby Braddock, Taylor Swift and others, giving Tenpenny a front-row seat at the sacrifice music people encounter in their rise to prominence.

“Even though my grandmother was in publishing, doors didn’t always open for me,” Tenpenny told “I was very blessed to see people struggle for years before they finally get their break. I think that helped me with every, ‘No,’ I got. I’ve gotten a million of them, and I still get them today. When you finally get a yes it just gives you all the hope you need.”

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