Jason Aldean Don’t Miss What He Had

How "Got What I Got" Reminds Him of 8th Grade Dances

We’re all dealing with this new normal right now, where live streams are replacing concerts and social media videos are replacing real-life interviews. It’s not a perfect scenario, but at least we’re still able to hear live country music and listen to the country stars talk about their songs.

That’s kind of our silver lining.

So in this one-on-one with a camera, Jason Aldean explains the story behind his new song “Got What I Got.”

“I remember hearing this song for the first time and thinking it was unlike anything else we had on the album at that time,” Aldean says. “The production on this thing is a little different than anything on the record.

“I always say it kind of reminds me of being at an 8th grade dance listening to some Boyz II Men songs, so I’d say that’s pretty good.”

The song is off Aldean’s album 9 and was written by Thomas Archer,Alex Palmer and Michael Tyler.

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