Keith Urban Names the Six High Points of His Life

Spoiler Alert: Nicole and Sunday and Faith All Made the List

At 53 years old, it has to be pretty damn hard to narrow down your list of the high points in your life. Because if you’re blessed like Keith Urban is, you probably have hundreds of moments on your list.

But when Urban caught up with the Storme Warren Podcast on SiriusXM, he was able to come up with a concise list of six:

1. “Meeting Nic and marrying her.”
2. “Having children.”
3. “Getting sober.”
4. “Being accepted in Nashville, because from a professional standpoint that was it for me.”
5. “In 2005, when I was nominated at the CMAs for Male Vocal and Entertainer of the Year in the same year and won them both, it was too overwhelming to me.”
6. “Being honored again (with that) years later. I’m speechless about that.”

Urban added that those high points were not in any particular order, because they’re all equally on point. But he did admit that when he won the CMA for Entertainer of the Year in 2005, he was terrified that he’d done so so soon. It had only been five years since his debut single “But for the Grace of God.”

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