Ingrid Andress Shares the Story Behind Her Sam Hunt Duet “Wishful Drinking”

Sam Hunt's voice is the only one Ingrid Andress could imagine on "Wishful Drinking"

Ingrid Andress calls herself a “nerd” for wordplay, so just the title “Wishful Drinking” was enough to get her excited.

When Sam Hunt agreed to sing on it with her, she described the feeling as “confetti.”

Andress wrote the song with JP Saxe, Jonny Price, Lucky Daye, and Rykeyz. She dreamed up the title, “Wishful Drinking,” years ago, but when she penned the lyrics to go with it, she hated them. Many years and much more songwriting experience later, Andress dusted off the idea to share with the group of her favorite Los Angeles-based songwriters.

“It was a really fun song because I love wordplay,” she said. “I was like this is actually kind of a bop – another sad bop, classic Ingrid. That’s what I love about country music, getting to play with words like that.”

Stylistically, Andress described “Wishful Drinking” as “very rhythmic” and said that Hunt’s voice was the only one she could picture on the melancholy tune.

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