Brandi Carlile Admits She Was “Pissed” At Grammy Category Reassignment

Brandi Carlile: "Communities are so important. You should be able to choose which one you're a part of."

Brandi Carlile is ready to be blunt about the Recording Academy reassigning her song “Right On Time” from Americana to pop at the Grammy Awards that occurred earlier this year. And, she isn’t happy.

She told Billboard: It “pissed me off.”

“I can’t even begin to express how important it is to me to stay with [the Americana community] even if it means levels of success that I’ll never reach,” she told the trade publication. “When the Grammys made that decision for me, it felt like I had been taken out of my space that I wanted to be in.”

“Right on Time” was originally submitted in the American Roots category.

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