Jimmie Allen Talks Bipolar Disorder, Jennifer Lopez and Son Aadyn – He Put it All on ‘Tulip Drive’

Jimmie Allen's 'Tulip Drive' is available now.

Jimmie Allen’s new album “Tulip Drive” is out now, and the singer admits he put a lot of thought – maybe too much – into making it.

He told Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen that he is “more of a freestyle kind of writer” and says he goes into the booth and just starts to freestyle.

“I just get in the booth and say what I feel,” he says. “If I get something, it’ll come out. If I love it, I’ll write that down.”

Sometimes, he said, he gets stuck in his head too much and finds himself overthinking, which prevents him from living in the moment.

“The world and everything around you is progressing,” he said. “And you’re still stuck here worried about something you can’t change and never will change. Instead of just, ’Hey, handle it the best way you can and move on.’ I look at it like sports. Our coach used to always tell us, ’Don’t worry about the last shot… You take the shot; it’s over.'”

Allen took a different kind of chance when he was writing “Tulip Drive.” It’s the first album of his career where every song on the project is tied to a personal experience. He said every track had to be “very specific” and that even the songs he didn’t write feel like they were written for him.

“I wanted to have this record be the first one where it was a real personal record,” he said. “Because all the songs before, love songs, whatever were written about other people’s relationships, TV shows. This one, I’m writing about relationships from high school, some from college, and some from after college.”

“Settle on Back” is a different type of song. Allen wrote it about his bipolar disorder. When his dad was alive, Allen said he was the one who could help him calm down. His dad would take him fishing or hunting and help ground him.

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