Chris Janson on Real Men and Real Love

“I Didn’t Know Until I Knew,” He Says

If you're a single woman, Chris Janson has some advice for finding love. He says do nothing.

"He should approach you if he's a real man," Janson told Chicago's WEGB. "He'll do all the work. A man who is a real man -- not a boy, not a child, not a man-child -- will pursue you. Period.

"All you gotta do is just be classy."

Janson added that the minute you quit looking is usually the minute you'll find what you're looking for. And once you find that love, and you get married, Janson had some wise words about that, too.

"When you're married, you're one," he said, sharing that what will keep you together is some good ol' honesty and trust. "And you have to really love the person you're gonna be with. You can't just like them because they're good looking or because you think they're cool. You're probably gonna argue more than what you expect. But if you're really in love none of that matters."

As for Janson and the love he found with his wife Kelly, it sounds like maybe love found them.

"You'll know when you know," he said. "I didn't know until I knew."

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