Carly Pearce Says Brett Eldredge Would Be Her Dating “Exception,” Eldredge Responds

Eldredge also updated his single “Good Day” to reflect the hope of 2021

Is someone playing matchmaker for Carly Pearce and Brett Eldredge? It sure looks like it.

During a recent interview with’s Gunner and Cheyenne (KMLE/Phoenix), Pearce recently noted that though she is generally done with being romantically involved with guys in the music industry, there could be one she would still consider.

During that interview, Gunner asked her if she would date anyone in the music industry again, following her divorce from fellow country singer Michael Ray last year.

“No. Never, ever. Never again,” Pearce said emphatically.

When he brought up Eldredge’s name, Pearce seemed to reconsider her stance, saying, “I mean listen, he would be my exception.”

Gunner seemed to be playing matchmaker between the two country hitmakers, and brought up Pearce’s comments when they spoke to Eldredge, but first asked his thoughts about the “Next Girl” singer.

“She’s an amazing singer, I’ve known her for a long time,” Eldredge said of Pearce. “She opened on tour when I was with Blake Shelton a few years back and is a great person and a great singer."

When Gunner played audio from Pearce’s interview for Eldredge, the “Good Day” singer responded by chuckling and saying, “That’s awesome, she’s awesome, that’s amazing.”

Eldredge also talked about his decision to update his song “Good Day,” from last year’s Sunday Drive album, for the new year.

“I just kind of freshened it up for a new year, a new look….so I wanted to get a new outlook out there with this song," he said. "I feel better about 2021 than I did 2020. This song’s all about putting your best foot forward when you wake up, and choosing to have a good day instead of just focusing on all the negative crap that is surrounding us daily in life and that’s always a good message to get out there, so I think that was a big part of giving it a fresh look this year.”

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