WATCH: Reba McEntire Reveals the Uplifting New Video for "Somehow You Do"

The video was helmed by filmmaker Jon Avnet, known for work on 'Fried Green Tomatoes'

Reba McEntire returns to the Western aesthetic that defined some of her early music releases with her new video, "Somehow You Do." In the new song, which is featured in the Glenn Close/Mila Kunis film Four Good Days, McEntire offers strength for those going through hard times.

The new video features performance shots of McEntire performing before a stunning Southern California backdrop, interspersed with scenes from the movie. The video was helmed by filmmaker Jon Avnet (Fried Green Tomatoes, Risky Business, Black Swan).

When you think that the mountain's too high and the ocean's too wide/And you'll never get through/Some way, somehow, Somehow you do, McEntire sings in the uplifting chorus. The song was penned by Diane Warren, who previously wrote McEntire hits such as "I'll Be."

Four Good Days centers on the story of a woman (portrayed by Kunis) who has endured various addictions for years, and her strained relationship with her mother (Close) who is determined to help her daughter.

“It’s an honor to get to sing a Diane Warren song anytime, but then to be associated with talented actors in a movie like Glenn and Mila is just icing on the cake,” says Reba. “Add in Jon Avnet directing the video and it just doesn’t get much better!”

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