Chris Cagle Sues to Void Songwriting Contract

Capitol Records artist Chris Cagle has sued to nullify his publishing contract with the company owned by his manager, Mark Hybner. The suit was filed against Hybner, Mark Hybner Management and Mark Hybner Publishing on April 28 in Nashville's Chancery Court. According to the complaint, Cagle signed with Hybner for management "on or about Nov. 10, 1999" and for publishing "on or about Dec. 1, 1999." In July of the following year, Virgin Records signed Cagle, who subsequently moved to Capitol after Virgin closed its country division. Cagle's complaint claims Hybner told him he did not need a lawyer to advise him on his publishing contract nor on an amendment made later to that contract. In doing so, Cagle contends that Hybner violated his manager's fiduciary duty to look out for his best interests. The complaint lists no specific harm other than stating, "As a direct result of [the defendants'] actions, Cagle has been damaged." He asks the court to declare both his songwriting agreement and the amendment made to it "void and unenforceable."

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