Shania Twain Says She's Currently "On A Mission" To Make Her "Best Album Ever"

Just prior to the December return of her Vegas residency, we could hear new music from the icon

75 million-plus worldwide album sales later, and iconic country star Shania Twain -- currently in the studio recording album number six -- may feel like she's on the cusp of releasing the best material of her career. Given that she's achieved seven number-one Billboard country chart singles and massive crossover pop acclaim, it's quite the statement. But she's more than up to facing the pressure for success that she's placed on her own shoulders.

"When is my new album coming out? It's so difficult to say that an album is finished and ready," says Twain. "I do plan on releasing this album before Christmas. Wouldn't it be super to have this out for Christmas? I would love that so much. So that is my goal," Twain noted during a recent broadcast of her Apple Music Home Now Radio program.

Regarding the difficulties of achieving her ambitious timeline, the "Still The One" vocalist added, "I'm not procrastinating, but I do admit that COVID has created some timing issues because it's been very difficult to get together with producers and musicians in the same room." However, she punctuated her comments by noting, "I'm definitely on a mission to make the best album I've ever made. So please be patient. I want it to be worth waiting for."

Alongside her album, in December, Twain is scheduled to resume her Let's Go! Las Vegas residency, more than a year after halting it due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Scheduled to start on Dec. 2, 14 performances will occur by February 2022.

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