'Nashville' Opens With Pregnancy, Patsy Cline and a Clean Slate

Rayna, Juliette and Will Bring Back the Crazy on Season Premiere

Let me just get this heavy stuff off my chest first. Rayna is marrying the wrong man. Will is still in denial. And Juliette's carrying the spawn of Satan.

There. That feels better.

Those were just the huge moments from the season opener of Nashville on Wednesday (Sept. 24) night. But there were plenty of other not-so-big moments, too, which sucked me in again for round three.

Let's start with Rayna. At the end of last season, two men proposed to her on the same day. Deacon (Mr. Right) and Luke (Mr. Right Now).

After an entire episode of "pick me, not him" conversations and a few minutes of some flashbacks of her life with Deacon before AA, she ultimately chose Luke because he could give her a clean slate. "I love him now," she tells Deacon unconvincingly.

"I know he's a safe choice," Deacon tells her, "but he's the wrong choice."

Maybe there's still hope for Deacon and Rayna down the road, but she did seem like her mind was really made up this time. Then again, she probably thought that when she married Teddy all those years ago, and look how that turned out.

Juliette, on the other hand, cannot hang on to even one man. Avery left her because she slept with the universally loathed label boss Jeff, and she went into a little bit of a Britney Spears-style breakdown, cutting off all her hair. Avery had told her, "Right now, I can't stand the sight of you," so maybe she thought a haircut would bring him back. Anyway, Juliette was able to channel all of her drama into a killer audition for the role of Patsy Cline in a movie. The pregnancy may hurt her chances to play Cline, though.

Then there's Will. Just when I thought he was going to be able to let the rest of the world in on his secret, that he's gay, the producer of his reality show explained the reality: that the show wasn't going to work with a "gay cowboy and his naive wife." So, sadly, I think that means they're going to have to fake it for the rest of the season. There will be no "you be you" for Will, just yet.

In other news, Scarlett left Nashville. With Avery and Gunnar. The was a hitch in her gitalong, though, and by the end of the episode, she'd turned the car back toward Nashville where, according to Gunnar, she'd be able to embrace the past.

At the end, when all these loose ends should be tied up, Florida Georgia Line took the stage at the Bluebird for a live performance of "Dirt." I think a better idea would've been more of a love gone-wrong song. But then again, singing about looking back at where you've been felt right for all the characters reflecting on the choices they'd made.

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