'Redneck Island': The Saga of Josh and Margaret

On and Off Like a Light Switch

It's a tale as old as time.

First came Season 4 and "Hot Riley."

But despite being a big guy and talking a big game, Riley went home on the second challenge. And Margaret cried. A lot.

But after Riley's departure, Josh swiftly took his place. And they were pretty adorable.

Although they both lost that season, Margaret and Josh went on to be a cute couple in real life.

When we talked to Margaret before the start of Season 5, she caught us up:

"Josh and I did date for a while after the show for about six months. We are currently not together, but we are still good friends. I think if it were up to him, we would definitely still be together, but we just kind of went in different directions."

But this season was a whole different story. Still scarred from being last season's villain, Margaret leaned on Josh early on in the house.

And things picked back up right where they left off.

And as it always does, fate stepped in, and the two star-crossed lovers were thrown in to Pit against each other. They fought like hell, and to the chagrin of the rest of the house, emerged as a power team.

It looked pretty safe to say these two were more than just partners.

Like, a lot more.

But just as things were really heating up between these two, they found themselves heading in to the Pit against (arguably) the other strongest team in the house, Riley and Becky. After an intense and painful battle, Becky sent Margaret packing. While Josh fought valiantly against Riley, we couldn't help but wonder if part of him didn't want to stay without Margaret.

In the end, Josh joined Margaret on the losing end. And fans of #TeamJoshandMargaret were not happy about it.

They remained positive despite the loss.

We did a little sleuthing, and it looks like the two are not together anymore. Margaret has a very cute boyfriend, and Josh has oodles of ladies oogling at him on his Instagram.

Well, it was a hell of a ride for those two crazy kids. We will definitely miss them.

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