Brantley Gilbert Trades Cuffs for French Cuffs

I can't tell you how many times I've interviewed Brantley Gilbert and been rendered almost speechless by his style. And not necessarily in a good way.

To me, Gilbert has always dressed like someone I would be terrified of if we weren't standing on a red carpet or sitting comfortably on his tour bus. He always looks like such a genuine badass. In a beat-up ball cap, some sort of black leather jacket, faded jeans, wallet chains, earrings, dog tags and crosses around his neck, enough rings to resemble brass knuckles, copious leather cuffs on each arm and copious tattoos on both arms. You get the picture.

But now he has had a bit of a makeover. And, oh, what a makeover it is. He looks nothing like the Brantley Gilbert of the past.

For his new single "Bottoms Up," Gilbert has shed his tough guy image and classed himself up for the album art and the video. He is wearing -- get this -- a suit. A nice, fitted pinstriped black suit. And the crisp white shirt he has on under it has French cuffs. He's not wearing cufflinks, but still.

He's also wearing a fedora. I'm usually not a fan of the fedora, but in Gilbert's case, it's a good look. Mostly because without the brim of a ball cap pulled down to hide his eyes, the new hat allows you to see his nice face. The man has been hiding his movie-star good looks since his breakthrough hit "Country Must Be Country Wide" in 2011.

Yes, he still looks tough. Yes, he still has on the earrings and rings and necklaces. Yes, he's still a big fan of ink. And, sure, his belt buckle is actually a mini set of brass knuckles.

Plus, this new look may only be temporary, for the release of his new single, but who knows? Maybe when he launches his tour with Thomas Rhett and Eric Paslay in March, he'll take the stage in this vintage gentleman style.

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