'Nashville': Home Wreckers and Heartbreakers

Oh, how I missed you, Nashville.

Two weeks was too long to be without all the love and hate that defines the TV series. But Wednesday night's (Dec. 4) episode definitely got things back on track. There was some good ol' home wrecking, thanks to Juliette, and some lonesome heartbreaking, thanks to Maddie's dads and Scarlett's pals.

Early in the episode, Charlie brought his A-game to try to win Juliette's love. I mean, what a romantic! He was so determined to prove to Juliette that he loved her, he called her, told her to turn on the TV, and together they watched Extra break the news that the Wentworths were getting divorced.

"Now do you believe me?" he asked Juliette.

"I have an image that I have worked very hard to repair, and the last thing I need to add to the list is 'home wrecker,'" she told him.

Sweet, right? But then wise-beyond-his years Will said something to Juliette at a bar after one of their shows -- saying he hopes someday he will find someone who makes him the best version of himself -- that made her realize it was actually Avery who she was really into.

So, to make a long story longer, Juliette told Charlie it was over. But Layla, her bitchy little opening act, told TMZ that Juliette was the one who'd wrecked the Wentworth's marriage. I have a feeling Layla is going to regret that phone call.

Then, there was the heartbreaking. Maddie's broke when her two dads, Teddy and Deacon, got in an actual fight outside her open mic performance at the Two Old Hippies store.

"You think you can just swoop in here and dazzle her with this music crap?" Teddy yelled at Deacon. "What happened to you telling me you were never cut out to be a father -- that I was her father?"

"What is your damn problem?" Deacon replied.

Then there was some pushing, shoving and grabbing. And had Maddie not walked out and seen them, they might still be going at each other in the Gulch.

Scarlett's heart was breaking, too, because she felt left out and lonely all tour long. And to make matters worse, she caught her best friend Zoey making out with her ex Gunnar.

In other news, Lamar did not get out of prison, Teddy pulled Deacon off the bill for the music festival, and I think Will may be falling back in love with his old boyfriend Brent.

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