Darius Rucker Introduces Troublemaker Squad

The Georgia Boys Who Took Him "Straight to Hell"

Darius Rucker is not from Georgia. But Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Charles Kelley are. So when Rucker was getting ready to record one of his favorite Drivin' n' Cryin' songs, he enlisted some vocal help from his Georgia boys.

And now it looks like that squad is part of Rucker's video for "Straight to Hell," the Atlanta rock band's 1989 cult classic. Rucker posted a picture on Twitter that makes the four country artists look like they are up to some good old-fashioned hell raising.

"That was our jam. That wasn’t just our big party song on the bus, it was in the van, when we were home, and at every bar we went to," Rucker told "I always thought, 'I'm surprised that no country guy has ever cut that song, because it’s just a great country song.'"

But because nobody had done it, Rucker claimed it for his When Was the Last Time album.

"When Charles called me and said, 'You should cut this song,' I really felt that the universe was saying that it was time to cut that song," he said, "because I’ve been meaning to cut it for a minute and it was the perfect timing with this record."

And being able to cut it with Bryan, Aldean and Kelley was such a testament to country music, Rucker said.

"That’s what country music is about. It’s so different in other genres," the former Hootie & the Blowfish frontman said. "But in country music, they go, ‘Yeah, we’ll cut it. We’ll worry about managers and labels later. Let’s just get the song done, and we’ll figure the rest out,'" he said. "I think that’s pretty cool.”

The lead singer from Drivin' n' Cryin'--Kevn Kinney--wrote “Straight to Hell."

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