PREMIERE: Brittney Spencer's "Sober & Skinny" Is An "Emotional" Anthem

"It felt pretty magical getting to see myself perform," says the well-regarded singer-songwriter

"Sober & Skinny" -- talented singer-songwriter Brittney Spencer's latest single -- presents the most direct personal presentation to date of her creative style and voice. "The passion and the theatrics displayed throughout the video amplify the emotion in the song. The video gave me an opportunity to act out the emotions that I felt when we were writing 'Sober & Skinny,'" Spencer says.

"It felt pretty surreal getting to watch the finished video for the first time," the "'Sorrys Don't Work No More' vocalist says. In relation to the clip directed by Nicki Fletcher and Darryl Hargrove, Spencer says, "This is my first time actually making a video for one of my songs. Filming this video felt so seamless. It was effortless, and it felt pretty magical getting to see myself perform. I’m really proud of this song and the journey it’s taking my collaborators and me on."

"I’m not sure there’s a message in the song, but maybe there’s an opportunity to hear a story about a person wrestling with feeling pressure to change from someone who probably has something they could change, too," Spencer adds.

Regarding her musical journey, Spencer told Baltimore Magazine in February 2021, "I’d always wanted to do country music, I just never had the nerve. I didn’t know if I could do it. I’d watch interviews with Taylor Swift and Reba—I’m really big on documentaries—and they’d say their parents knew they could sing, and they always moved to Nashville. So that stayed in my mind. I kept getting laid off from jobs—I’d gotten laid off three times in a row—because it was just a rough time, economically, in the city. I was like, 'You know what? This is miserable, I don’t have money, and if I’m gonna be miserable, I at least want to be doing something I love.'"

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