Garth Brooks on His Truly "Lost" Sessions

Six Months of Songs We Might Never Hear

I hope Garth Brooks has more than a memory.

Especially for all the new songs he’s been making. Because those songs have been lost somewhere in the virtual world we live in.

“We’re working on new music,” Brooks told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel when he was in Wisconsin for three shows last weekend. “My problem is -- and here's where the old guy gets into technology, which is bad -- all the new stuff that I've been working on for six months was on a phone that I just fried."

But he had a back up, right?

No such luck. "I can't get the phone to come back up," Brooks said, “and I know I should’ve backed it up. I know. But that’s like losing your briefcase back in the 90s." (Yeah, if you had briefcases full of potentially massive hit country songs.)

Brooks promised that he is "still working on that phone," but let's just cross our fingers that his songwriters, producers, managers and/or label bosses have copies of the songs somewhere.

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