Premiere: Kurt Stevens' "Sunshine State of Mind" Appreciates "Relaxing and Having Fun"

The Florida-born singer-songwriter's latest is all about "laying back, going with the flow, enjoying the beauty around you"

Florida-born singer-songwriter Kurt Stevens' sound is often described as blending chilled-out beach vibes with rough backroad sounds. To wit, his latest single -- and video -- for "Sunshine State Of Mind" delivers as advertised.

"Being in the 'Sunshine State of Mind' is all about laying back, going with the flow, enjoying the beauty around you, and sharing it all with the people you love," says Stevens about his breezy country-pop song ideally suited for laid-back late summer enjoyment. "Whether it's the beach, a lake, a river, a truck bed with a tarp in it, everyone has 'that place' where they can truly relax and have fun and I hope the video and the song takes them back to wherever they enjoy the outdoors with their friends and family."

Regarding the shoot for the video itself, the singer-songwriter notes that he had a two-day trip scheduled to film in Destin, Florida, and was "crossing [his] fingers for good weather and sunshine." The weather "couldn't have been more perfect," he continues, and allowed him to "have a blast, doing all the things I love to do back home in Florida." He continues, "Growing up, if the ocean was flat we'd go fishing and if there were waves, we'd surf. [The video had] no script or treatment. It was just a day on the boat and on the beach. As soon as he saw director Nathaniel Harrington and editor Matthew Paskert's final version of the clip, he excitedly adds, that he "immediately texted both of them that [he] was STOKED and [couldn't] wait for the world to see [the final version of the video]."

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