'Nashville': The Big Moments From Season 6 Episode 5

Where the Night Goes

Relationships are put to the test in the latest episode of Nashville.

Check out the big moments:

Hot Date

Deacon and Jessie appear to be over the awkwardness of their first date.

Viral Video

Jonah's ex-girlfriend posts a new song about Maddie.

New Singer

Alannah joins Will, Avery and Gunnar's band.

Darius Woes

Juliette tells Avery about the outreach program Darius wants her to attend -- in Bolivia. This leads to a heated and serious discussion.

Young Love

Maddie keeps seeing Jonah despite the Mia drama.

Deacon's Breakdown

Deacon is not ready to take things to the next level with Jessie like he thought.

Kiss and Make Up

Juliette and Avery make up after their fight about the outreach program.

Gone Girl

The next morning, Avery realizes Juliette is nowhere to be found.

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