OFFSTAGE: Did Ryan Seacrest Steal Chuck Wicks' Girl?

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This kind of gives Chuck Wicks' hit song "Stealing Cinderella" a whole new meaning. Actress/dancer/singer Julianne Hough told Glamour magazine that back when she was dating country cutie Wicks, Seacrest was trying to win her love and perhaps steal her away. "While we were dating, we went on Ryan's radio show together. The interview's on YouTube, and I blush when I hear it because Ryan is hitting on me the entire time! At the end, Ryan said something like, 'You guys really have something special!' And I thought to myself, He's so full of s--t right now," she revealed. Hough says that it was after she and Wicks broke up that she started dating Seacrest, who is 13 years older than she is. Age aside, though, what Hough said she digs about her boyfriend is how similar they are. "We both like that perfection in ourselves, and we want to make our relationship like that," she says.

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