Miranda Lambert Lets Raw Emotions "Live Where They Live"

It's What Her New Single "Vice" Is All About

Miranda Lambert admits it's been a while.

She says no one has heard music from her in a while -- her last single "Smokin' and Drinkin'" was released more than a year ago -- and that her new song "Vice" was the perfect way to get back out there.

Partly because it's just so her, and partly because it's just so transparent. Lambert doesn't shy away from the highs and lows she's experienced over the past year after she and Blake Shelton divorced.

“I think when you go through something in your life that’s hard, you learn what you run to and what you run from," she said in a recent radio interview. "And sometimes that comes full circle."

So this song "Vice," which she co-wrote with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, is that full-circle song for her. Lyrics like "Another vice, another town, where my past can’t run me down/Another life, another call, another bed I shouldn’t have crawled out of" show the best side of Lambert: her honesty.

“I just hope that everybody that hears it can kinda feel like they’re not on an island, that we all have things in our life that aren’t necessary pleasant to talk about," she said. "But this song is just honest as you can get about emotions and letting raw emotions live where they live until you move on to a happier place."

"It’s kinda the cycle of life. We can’t all be sunshine and roses every day, and sometimes when we’re not, we find things that make us feel better at the moment. And that’s what a vice is.”

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