Jason Aldean and the Tale of the Christmas 'Dillo

Wants Unwanted House Guest Gone

For all those hosting unwanted house guests this holiday season, Jason Aldean feels your pain.

There is an armadillo in his neighborhood that loves exploring his front yard, but it leaves a path of destruction every time it visits.

“It’s been tearing up the yard for the last couple of months,” he said in an Instagram video. “And I put out traps, I put out all kinds of stuff. I can’t catch the dude. I’m sitting here looking out the bedroom window and there he is -- laughing at me.”

His wife Brittany can be heard in the background calling it her, “angel.”

“Angel,” he repeated. “I’m gonna shoot him with a shotgun.”

“No, you’re not,” she said. “I’ll shoot you.”

If the Aldean’s are game for having dillo for Christmas dinner, Argentinians have a 9,000-year-old recipe for roasted armadillo on the half shell.

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