Seeking Twitter Love From Dierks Bentley

His Exchange With Brad Paisley Leads to a Special Mission

It's Friday, and I'm on a mission to get a Twitter shout-out from Dierks Bentley.

Shameless, I know. And, sorry, I'm not sorry!

It all started Thursday night (May 29) as I was perusing Twitter and stumbled across a tweet from Brad Paisley to Bentley that I quickly realized was a fun little back-and-forth between the two. Now Paisley is known to be the prankster in real life and online, but Bentley? Well, he's no social media pushover! He knows how to tease back -- all in good fun, of course.

In what I assumed was a reference to Bentley's Whiskey Row restaurant venture in Scottsdale, Ariz., Paisley tweeted to his "Drunk on a Plane" singing pal, "So we built a bar in the studio, & I poured this myself. I'm rockin. Lookout. I could go to work for @DierksBentley."

Bentley jokingly shot back, "If you are cool with our servers' attire ... we got a spot for you at my bar @whiskeyrow! you'll look great!"

He also offered a photo of two gals in smokin' hot work uniforms that would not be the most ideal fashion choice for Paisley.

Paisley isn't the only country star being name-checked in Bentley's Twitter feed. He has also been giving major props with tweets of support to Charlie Worsham, the Cadillac Three, Holly Williams and Cole Swindell.

So how do we wrangle some Twitter love from Bentley if we aren't big country stars?

The good news is we don't have to be. That's my other favorite thing about Bentley and his social media shenanigans. He doesn't reserve shout-outs, replies, retweets or any of that fancy stuff just for his artist friends.

He's all about showing love to his fans, especially when they show love to him.

Countless posts from Bentley on his official page are genuinely grateful responses to fans who have bragged about his new music and informing him they're in the audience for his concert.

So get creative, get heartfelt, or just get rowdy and send a tweet his way! You just might get lucky and get a response. And @dierksbentley, look for my Twitter handle, @samcstephens. It's coming for you!

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