David Fanning Brings the Romance in New Video

Singer-Songwriter Offers the Sweetest Message in “First”

David Fanning is back with a sentimental new song and video that’s gonna make you happy.

We all know that in relationships, there are hard facts you have to face, like the knowledge that chances are, you aren’t your partner’s first love -- or their first crush, first kiss, first date, first heartbreak. There are so many monumental moments that belong to someone else who came before you.

And while that’s totally understandable and normal, sometimes you can’t help but want to be someone’s first something.

That’s exactly what Fanning sets out to do with his new single “First.” It’s all about finding that one big milestone in your love’s life that he or she hasn’t experienced yet and being the first one to share that magic with them.

That is sweet. That is romance.

And, of course, the video is the perfect accompaniment to the song.

Check it out and go make a memory with your sweetheart this weekend.

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