Keith Urban Tells His Wife, "Shut It Down"

But Nicole Kidman Adores the "Love, Joy, Purpose"

The August issue of Vogue magazine is out now. Nicole Kidman is on the cover. And inside, it’s all about Kidman looking drop-dead gorgeous.

But if you devour the actual words in the story, you can read between the lines and find the answers to the really important question. Namely, Will Kidman and Keith Urban have more children?

"I wish I could have met him much earlier and had way more children with him. But I didn't. I mean, if I could have had two more children with him, that would have been just glorious,” Kidman says in the revealing story.

“But as Keith says, ‘The wanting mind, Nicole. Shut it down.'"

Obviously, Kidman is crazy about their two daughters Sunday Rose, 7, and Faith, 4. She says the best part of motherhood is everything.

“The love, the joy, the purpose,” Kidman says.

Other fun facts she reveals in this story and accompanying video are:

  • She wishes she could sing opera.
  • Her favorite song of Urban’s is “Raise ‘Em Up.”
  • The best way to decompress is to make love.
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