Carrie Underwood Says No to Never

New Game Reveals She's Tried Everything

The best way to play Never Have I Ever is to find people who have done it all. The ones who essentially never say never.

That was the case when InStyle posed all their NHIE questions to Carrie Underwood, because she admitted she's done all the things they asked.

Even better, Underwood answers all four yes-or-no questions with a little story.

Such as:

"I have tried to go incognito in a wig before. It was right before Christmas, and I just needed to get into the mall and buy some Christmas presents."

"I'm my own glam squad before shows. Make up on stage is a little bit different than doing a red carpet or something. The lights are so harsh that you can kind of get away with wearing a lot, and I like that. I'm good at putting a lot of make up on my face."

"I have cut my own bangs. I cut my own hair semi-regularly. You cut a little over here, and now I've got to do this side. And then, ooh too much, now I have to do this side. It's a never-ending cycle of badness."

"I have actually put make up on my husband. He's going to kill me. He plays hockey, so some he gets bruises or cuts on his face and if we have a red carpet, I'll just be like, 'Can I just take care of that?'"

And while I'm sure Underwood is completely capable of painting her own nails, when it really counts, she goes toParlour3 nail artist Jennifer Tsourvakas. She posted an Instagram photo on Wednesday (April 12) of her Nashville Predators-themed mani-pedi, with a shout out to Tsourvakas.

Got that #PredsPride baby, from my fingers to my toes! @predsnhl #GoPreds #GoFish #SpiritFingers #BlueAndGold #Sparkles #StanleyCupPlayoffs Nails by @the_jen_of_all_trades

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