Sam Hunt on Girls Who Are Heavy Into Everything

He Reveals More From “Make You Miss Me”

The first time I heard Sam Hunt’s "Make You Miss Me," I knew this girl. The one he describes about 25 seconds into the song as "heavy into everything, ready for the next thing."

And now, Hunt is elaborating a little bit more about the kind of woman in the hit song.

"This sentiment came out of knowing a girl — and girls in general — who tend to be very into something one minute and over it the next," Hunt said in a recent radio interview. "And not really ever having been in a relationship with a guy, because she was over before it could get started."

So this song is from the man’s perspective, Hunt says, and how he is not going to let that happen. "He’s gonna be memorable," he said. "He’s gonna make her miss him. It’s implied that he wants to make her miss him the way that he misses her when she’s not with him."

Hunt wrote the tune with Josh Osborne and Old Dominion's Matt Ramsey. It’s the fifth single from his debut studio album, Montevallo.

The sense you get from the first listen is that this guy is not begging his ex to come back. He’s got more swagger than that. He is, after all, ain't gonna be that easy to leave. But as Hunt explains, he’s vulnerable, too.

“The attitude of the singer is a confident one, but there’s also a vulnerability there, because he really likes this girl and he misses her,” Hunt said, “so his only option is to make sure that he’s not forgettable. And he figures out a way to make her miss him.”

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