The 10-Minute Miranda Lambert Q&A

She Is All of Us: She Misses Concerts, Loves Traveling, Visits Her Parents and Drinks Tito's

When Miranda Lambert jumped on Twitter over the weekend, she promised her fans and followers that she'd answer as many questions as she could in the ten minutes she had free before it was time to feed her menagerie of eight dogs.

The first fan to ask her anything just asked her how she was doing.

"I've been good. We had a great time out in the Airstream. I travel for a living, but I don’t normally get to see much. It was a cool way to actually experience things."

Next was one about what the worst part of the quarantine is for her.

"I miss seeing y'all and being out on the road!"

Then someone asked how her parents Rick and Bev were doing.

"They're great! I got to celebrate the #1 (her song 'Bluebird') with them earlier this week."

Another fan asked what she loves best about NYC now that her and her husband Brendan spend time there.

"It's got such a cool energy. And some great bars!"

Then came the question of her current go-to drink.

"That's awesome! My go-to lately is Tito's and La Croix."

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