Eric Church: Already Had “Talladega” Moments as a Dad

“I Just Want to Hit Pause,” Singer Says

Three-year-old boys don’t pack up Winnebagos and go down to Talladega on a wing and a prayer. But then again, that’s not really the point of Eric Church’s new single, “Talladega.”

The point, Church told me Wednesday night (Nov. 19) when he was in Chicago, is about savoring the moment you’re in, right in that moment.

“This song’s about knowing you’re in a moment that you’re never gonna be in again,” Church explained. “And we’ve all had that. Whether you’re finishing high school, or you’re finishing college or about to start work or you’ll never be with this group of friends again. That thing you wish you could freeze and hang on to forever. That’s what the song's about.”

In other words, it’s the moment Church himself is in right now watching his son Boone grow up.

“I’ve already had those 'Talladega’ moments as a dad,” he said. “You wanna stop right there, and freeze everything. You don’t want him to get any older. You just want him to stay right there. This is a great age, and that’s why there are times I just want to hit pause.

“I wish Boone could just stay this size,” he said. “And just care about nothing but Spiderman.”

It sounds like Boone’s obsession with Spiderman, Captain America and other comic book superheroes is exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from a 3-year-old boy.

“He wants to know who is a good guy, who is a bad guy and what weapons they all use,” Church laughed.

I’d want to hit pause, too.

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