House in the House: Hunter Hayes Interview

"Do you really want crazy?"

That was one of the very first questions legendary Nashville radio personality Gerry House asked Hunter Hayes in this highly entertaining one-on-one interview. And ever since his "I Want Crazy" hit the top of the charts, I think it's the one question everyone's always wanted to ask him.

Hayes responded by saying what he really wanted was just one version of crazy.

"Which is completely relative," Hayes said. "Everybody has their own version. My version of crazy would be, I guess, just that feeling you feel when you think the world is probably going to judge you for it because you feel so strongly about something. You feel so out of balance with your own emotions."

House also asked Hayes about his Grammy nomination, which led to a question about other awards he may or may not have won in high school. However, Hayes said he didn't win any awards in high school.

"I'm not athletic at all. No perfect attendance because I was on the road all the time," Hayes said, adding that he was really close to making the honor roll but didn't quite get there. "The only achievement I'm ever gonna be capable of is musical something or other."

The two music lovers also talked about Hayes current influences, even though he couldn't really name names.

"It's impossible to pick one person," he said. "There's a lot going on right now musically that I'm listening to. Hard to pinpoint."

By the end of the very casual, very funny interview (at one point, House told Hayes he had car keys older than him), Hayes admits that right now, he is "insanely happy."

House's interviews with Hayes and many other country stars are featured in his new book Country Music Broke My Brain: A Behind-the-Microphone Peek at Nashville's Famous and Fabulous Stars, due out March 4.

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