Brian Kelley Feels "Inspired" When Recording In the Florida Keys, but Is Afraid Of Sharks

"Man, I'm scared to death of sharks, to be honest with you," says the Florida Georgia Line artist with a just-released solo EP

On a recent appearance on the Ty Bentli Show on Apple Music Country, Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley outlined some of the behind-the-scenes processes that allowed him to develop his new solo EP Wave Pack.

For those thinking that this may highlight issues with his Florida Georgia Line partnership with Tyler Hubbard, Kelley says, "We're trudging forward, and nothing's changed other than we've added some extra outlets for ourselves to create, and have fun, and collaborate with other people and just see what happens, man. Creativity is everything for us. It drives us, and I already feel extremely fulfilled, man. I feel very happy. And just that extra...It's like the cherry on top, I guess, you know.”

Regarding the EP itself, the performer noted some particularly intriguing inspiration for Wave Pack track "Party On The Beach." "We freaking wrote that down in the Keys in Jimmy Buffett's, you know, we probably had a little extra inspiration from Jimmy on that one," Kelley says. "There's a lot of parties on the beach down here in Florida and all across this world. It's good to get your feet in the sand and have some drinks and let loose and just be around good people, man."

But, the "Lil Bit" co-vocalist adds, the sand is about as far as he's willing to take his partying. "Man, I'm scared to death of sharks, to be honest with you. That's all I think about every time I go in the water, it's kind of an issue...I went on a helicopter ride couple of months back over the Gulf here and you know they're there."

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