How Carrie Underwood Wants to Be Remembered

Hopes Her Son Will Say, “I Had Good Parents”

In a new video interview with, Carrie Underwood admits that her 2-year-old son Isaiah is a bit of a ham. And that he knows when he's being funny.

Which is perfect, because all that joy and laughter is exactly what she wants for him.

"My greatest wish for Isaiah is that he'll be happy. We're ready to support him in whatever it is that he wants to do and be and whoever he wants to become, but I just want him to be happy," Underwood says.

"I want him to say, 'I had good parents, I had a good childhood.' And I just want him to do good things in the world."

And now that her bundle of joy has grown into a bundle of energy, he has found the way to his mom's heart is through comedy.

"Isaiah makes me laugh every day. I think he's gonna be a funny guy. He knows when he's being funny. And I'll start laughing at something, and he'll keep doing it. So I laugh all day, every day," she said.

When her songs come on, she says, Isaiah loves to sing along. Especially on her new one, "Dirty Laundry," because he can keep up with the repetition in the lyrics: dry, dry, dry and line, line, line.

"He knows it's my song, no matter what it is," she said. "He's like, 'Mama!' "

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