CMT Premiere: Kelsey Lamb Portrays Personal Love Story In "Heartbreak Away" Music Video

Kelsey Lamb: "The whole song paints that picture of hopefulness that heartbreak can lead to love."

Heartbreak is a universal experience that triggers doubt, but behind every soul-shattering breakup there is a significant reason. Country newcomer Kelsey Lamb proves that every hopeless romantic is just one "Heartbreak Away" to a happily ever after in her latest music video. 

The Arkansas native co-wrote the acoustic guitar-driven melody alongside Lydia Dall and Conner Sweet. The moving message was inspired by Lamb's personal love story and how several broken hearts led her to the alter with husband, Taylor Goyette. 

While several individuals find their perfect match right away, the songstress empathizes with the ones who still has to kiss numerous toads before landing on their prince charming. However, it's not until the chorus that she reassures listeners that love is on the horizon. 

"But sometimes forever's a heartbreak away | Think love won't happen but there'll come a day | You're perfect fit walks through the door |  The way you feel now you won't feel no more | Sparks starts a flame won't ever be the same |  Cause sometimes forever, Forever's a heartbreak away," sings Lamb showcasing her infectious vocals. "But hurting ain't easy but believe me | All that leaving is going to leave you one day |  It don't make sense right now but it's gonna work out |  All that let down will be worth the pain."

When it was time to make a music video and bring the optimistic narrative to life, Lamb did not hesitate to open her heart and house. The fast-rising star invited video producer and director Logen Christopher at Stormlight Pictures into her real-life home to capture her fairytale-like marriage. 

'My favorite memory from shooting 'Heartbreak Away' is that we filmed the video at my actual home," Lamb told CMT. "The first home me and my husband have lived in together, and that felt really special," she added. 

Lamb and Goyette tied the knot in October of 2021, and the music video displays never-before-seen snapshots from the special day. The clip lures listeners in by providing a preview of their daily life in their quaint ranch. 

"This video really captures me after finding love," she explained. "The whole song paints that picture of hopefulness that heartbreak can lead to love. That truly is where I am at in my life and what this video portrays."

After watching her life from the outside looking in, Lamb said she was hit with a wave of emotion. She confessed that the poignant lyrics intertwined with the candid footage hit Goyette hard, too.

"I completely teared up watching this video for the first time," uttered the promising new artist. "Then, I showed my husband, and he also got choked up!" 

Although Lamb has found her forever person, she hopes fans struggling with a fragile heart stays positive and perseveres forward with a fresh mindset. 

"I know it can feel really dark when you're in the midst of feel broken," Lamb pointed out. "I really hope that fans see through this video that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel." 

The Matt McVaney - produced ballad "Heartbreak Away" serves as the follow-up to her single "Miss Me Don't," which verified that Lamb is a country mainstay with superstar potential.  

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