Easton Corbin: 'About to Get Real'

Singer Says He “Beat the Bushes” to Find Songs for New Album

For Easton Corbin's fans, the wait is officially over with Tuesday’s (June 30) release of his new album, About to Get Real.

The Florida native went into the studio last year to complete the project. Just when he thought it was finished, he and his producer Carson Chamberlain thought maybe -- just maybe -- there could be a few songs out there worth listening to before making any final decisions on the album’s track listing.

“We felt like so much time has passed, we should go out and beat the bushes, I guess you’d say for lack of better of terms, and see if there were any other songs out there that were as good or better because these writers are writing great songs every day,” he said.

As it turns out, there were a few hidden musical gems floating around the writing rooms of Nashville, and Corbin was keen to snatch them up.

“We came across three songs called ‘Guys and Girls,’ ‘Diggin’ on You’ and ‘Yup,’” Corbin said. “I feel like these three songs really complete this record. So we took off three existing songs we had cut and replaced them with these three songs.”

Corbin says the final choice of material for the album felt like putting together a very important puzzle.

“I feel like that when you have a body of work, it’s almost like putting a puzzle together, especially sequencing and the body of work as a whole,” he said. “And I feel like that all these songs together as a whole really complement each other.”

At the moment, Corbin is promoting the album during appearances in New York City. After a Tuesday morning appearance on Today, he’ll perform a pregame concert at Citi Field before the Chicago Cubs/New York Mets game. On Wednesday morning, he’ll appear on Fox & Friends.

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