Best Christmas Memory: Kelsea Ballerini

The Holiday Pajama Tradition

Kelsea Ballerini has so much to look forward to. A few more stops on her first headlining tour, more music and as she put it so well in a social media post earlier this week:

In a video she posted about the Grammy nomination for best new artist, she joked, “As you can see, I have zero percent chill about it.”)

But when I caught up with Ballerini recently, I wanted to look back as much as I wanted to look ahead.

So we talked about her best memories of Christmases past and how she is keeping family holiday traditions alive and super comfy.

“Me and my mom have this tradition every year where she gets pajamas for me, her and whoever else will come over for Christmas,” Ballerini told me.

“It could be family or friends or anyone and everyone. And every year, these pajamas get progressively more and more embarrassing. Like last year, when we had the red onesies with the butt-flap.

“We all act like we're so embarrassed, but we love it. It's just our thing now," she said.

Hopefully, her mom will be picking up some extra pajamas for Morgan Evans, Ballerini's boyfriend who will be hosting her in Australia when she heads there the day after Christmas.

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