CMT Premiere: Dasha Brings Her Song "Austin" To Life In New Video

Dasha: "This is the first time I'll put out a music video, and the world will actually be paying attention."

Dasha brought her viral hit "Austin" to life with a dramatic movie-like music video packed with the relatable irate drama of a lover letdown that made the song impossible for country music fans to ignore.

"My favorite part of my music is getting to tell stories," Dasha said. "I really wanted to bring that to life with this video and bring a real visual to the song. It turned out exactly how I saw it in my head, and I'm so proud."

Dasha wrote "Austin" with Adam Wendler, Cheyenne Rose Arnspiger and Kenneth Travis Heidelman, who also produced the song. Danielle Wright produced the video and Hunter Moreno directed it.

The clip follows the song's lyrics about a couple planning to run away together, only for the man to disappear without warning. Dasha was able to flex her acting chops over the course of the day, including a particularly charged scene with the actor who played her love interest.

"Filming the bathroom scene with Jaden was wild," she said. "Hunter (director) had us screaming at each other, throwing towels, and it felt so real. We were in a real fight. My heart was beating so fast. We committed so deeply to the characters the whole day."

Her favorite part of the shoot was walking into the barn to film the final large dancing scene. Many of her friends showed up hours early to learn the song's dance and participate in her big moment.

"The whole day on set was the best music video experience I've had," she said. "Everyone was genuinely so excited to be there."

She said she was smiling the whole time.

"This is the first time I'll put out a music video, and the world will actually be paying attention," she said. "It's a really wonderful feeling."

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