Florida Georgia Line Keep Finding New Dreams

The Duo Is Thrilled to Be One of CMT's Artists of the Year Again

It’s been another banner year for Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard. With more hits, a huge tour, exciting new business ventures and even a wedding for Hubbard earlier this year, 2015 couldn’t have been better.

This year, they’re back for a third time as one of CMT’s Artists of the Year, and even though this isn’t their first time as honorees, Kelley says it feels like a brand new dream come true. In fact, this year might even be sweeter than the ones before.

“You know, I’d say, the past couple of years we’ve been opening up for a lot of different people and doing our own headlining here and there, but to have a full year of headlining under our belt and just to get this award again it means that much more,” Kelley told me in a recent chat.

“We went and did this on our own," he said. "And night after night, morning after morning, everybody was setting up, rockin out, partying."

It’s a massive undertaking, a tour of that caliber. But all that hard work is well worth it, because at the end of the day, it’s all for the fans.

“Our fans blew our mind every night,” Kelley said. “Just an amazing year to watch it go from show one to the end of the tour a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been blessed every single night. We have the best - can’t even call it a job - but we have the best life we could have ever imagined. An amazing tour. It is that much sweeter being back after our own tour.”

We’re glad to have you back, boys. CMT’s Artists of the Year will air from Schermerhorn Symphony Center tonight at 8PM Eastern on CMT.

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