What Tim McGraw Is Asking Himself About Staying Sane Right Now

Reaching Out "Keeps Us Comfortable, Keeps Us Grounded and Keeps Our Humanity About Us"

It sounds like Tim McGraw is all of us right now. Kind of wanting to keep himself to himself, but also kind of wanting to reach out.

In a recent radio interview, McGraw said that a recent conversation with his nephew Jeffrey -- on his wife Faith Hill's side -- is when he started asking himself the same questions on all of our minds right now, as the quarantine lingers on and the coronavirus pandemic is still a very real threat.

“My nephew, who’s a pharmacist," McGraw said, "and he’s at work every day, and he said, ‘You know, I’m starting to think that disasters bring out the best in people but recessions and pandemics bring out the worst in people.’"

Here is what McGraw told him: "'Well, Jeffrey, I understand what you’re saying. When a disaster happens, something happens, then it’s over and everybody moves in to try to help. Everybody wants to help. But when something like this happens, there’s a part of us that wants to put your arms around your immediate family and shutter the doors and not let the world in.'"

"That’s the safe thing to do, for sure," he added. "Now, in a bigger way, it’s the best time to reach out. And I think that’s what keeps us sane during this time. It’s what keeps us comfortable, what keeps us grounded, keeps our humanity about us and keeps us from not turning cold, bitter and scared."

In addition, McGraw has this list of all the things you can still do during the quarantine:

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