OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift: From Gilchrist & Gilchrist to Frothy Monkey

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If you live in Nashville, this will come as no surprise to you. But if you're an outsider, like me, Taylor Swift has a list of spots she loves that would be worth checking out on your next trip through Tennessee. Swift lives in an area called Midtown, and she told Nashville Lifestyles magazine she loves being so close to other neighborhoods like Hillsboro Village, Green Hills, the Gulch and Broadway. "Everything is two minutes away," she said. "I love going to the shops in Franklin and walking around the adorable areas in East Nashville (my fiddle player Caitlin's neighborhood) and walking to Starbucks in the morning. I love concerts at the Ryman, I like going to Target." Target? Seriously? There must be hipper places for Swift to go. Oh, yes, there are. Here's her list: Gilchrist and Gilchrist in Berry Hill ("I bought a lot of cute decorations and furniture for my apartment there. For the girls who like shabby chic, go there."), the Hill Center area with Anthropologie and H. Audrey, Fire Finch and Pangea in Hillsboro Village and Fanny's House of Music and Pied Piper in East Nashville. As for food, Swift says some of her top spots are City House, 12South, Burger Up, Frothy Monkey and the legendary Pancake Pantry.

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