CMT Roundup: New Music From Tiera Kennedy, Darius Rucker, Karley Scott Collins and More

Hear the newest songs in country music on CMT's playlist, The Roundup.

It's a vocal collaboration kind of Friday this week when it comes to new music. Lee Brice released a new song with Nate Smith and Hailey Whitters. Karley Scott Collins teamed with Lady A's Charles Kelley, Terri Clark tapped Ben Rector and Darius Rucker paired with Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles for some new music. Hear these songs and more on CMT's playlist, The Roundup.

Lee Brice with Nate Smith and Hailey Whitters, “Drinkin’ Buddies”: “We all got 'em, we all need 'em, so let’s raise a glass to 'em!” Brice said. “ Cheers to all our Drinkin' Buddies' out there. Huge thanks to Nate and Hailey for bringing this thing all the way home!! Can’t wait for y’all to hear this one!”

Nate Smith: “When Lee asked me if I wanted to be a part of this song with him and Hailey, it was an immediate yes for me! I was honored. I am a huge fan of the both of them, and this song just brings such a fun energy. I have had a blast collaborating with them on this!”

Scotty McCreery, “Lonely”: “I love a good heartbreak, honky-tonk country song, and ‘Lonely’ is definitely that,” McCreery said. “Brent, Derek, Frank, Bobby, Jeremy, Monty, and I had such a good time writing this song on my back porch in the mountains of North Carolina. This song is so much fun to perform live and have the audience sing along with us. I’ve had a lot of requests from fans who’ve heard this song on the road to put it out on streaming. Here you go!”

Terri Clark, Ben Rector, “Now That I Found You”: “I've been a fan of Ben Rector for a while now,” Clark said. “He's a brilliant singer, songster and musician with a talent truly out of this world. 'Now That I Found You' was originally written as a pop song, and when I recorded it in 1998, I hesitated cutting it for that reason. When it became a Country hit, I saw how much it resonated with people, and now, many years later, it's come full circle as a duet with Ben. Ben's influence on this track and his astounding vocals are just magic, and to say it was an honor working with him would be an understatement. I really wanted to do this duet with a guy outside of the Country genre and he truly exceeded my expectations. He gave new life to the song with a completely fresh perspective. It feels like it was always meant to be a duet.”

Darius Rucker, Jennifer Nettles, “Never Been Over”: “Writing that was very cathartic,” Rucker told ‘Garden & Gun’ of the song. “It was almost like therapy for me. It’s so honest and one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.”

 Jennifer Nettles: “I’ve wanted to collaborate with Darius for such a long time! And when I heard the song, I loved its story,” adds Nettles. “But in addition to its theme of lifelong love, it feels so perfect for Darius and I to sing it together. Both of our careers have grown and changed so dramatically since we each started out. And, as the hook sings, ‘We’ve been a lot of things, but we’ve never been over.’ This song is a beautiful example and extension of that constant evolution.”

Karley Scott Collins with Charles Kelley, “How Do You Do That”: “I wrote this song about a relationship ending, and the other person moving on so quickly I couldn’t even wrap my mind around it,” Collins explained. “I know people can relate to that feeling of questioning everything about how someone felt about you. Having Charles Kelley on this song was a lucky accident. I was originally supposed to write with Jordan Reynolds and Tom Jordan, but Jordan texted that morning and asked if Charles could join. I was pumped because I’m a fan of his. He has one of my favorite voices in country, and I’m honored to have Charles singing on it.”

Tiera Kennedy, “I Ain’t A Cowgirl”: “When I moved to Nashville, I soaked up everything everyone said,” she said. “I took notes from the tastemakers in town and took their opinions as facts. I thought that in order to succeed I had to follow this formula - stay in the box. Sometimes it’s hard to stand up for yourself and do something that’s never been done before. It’s scary. But I learned that in order to grow and in order to feel true happiness in my heart I have to stand up for myself and be comfortable coloring outside of the box. Not everyone will be okay with that and that’s okay.”

Sacha, “Hey Mom, I Made It”: "This song comes from a place of real transparency of my own journey bouncing back from personal challenges,” she said. “It's a behind-the-scenes glimpse of where I was and where I’m going. It’s not just about traditional success markers but about feeling like the least likely of persons to defeat tremendous odds and the transformation that lead me to the place I find myself in today. It’s a shoutout to the inner strength we all have and a piece of my story that I am offering to anyone hustling through their own tough times, reminding them that their circumstances don’t disqualify them from their dreams. Every win, no matter how small, is worth cranking up the volume and celebrating."

New albums out today:

Dylan Schneider, “Bad Decisions”:“This is my favorite batch of songs that I have ever released,”  Schneider said. “Bad Decisions shares my vision of where I’m heading creatively and sonically. I have a lot of different influences ranging from hip-hop to R&B to country, and with this EP, I’m able to explore all of that. This is also my first project where I co-wrote every single song, so I’m excited to play these out on the road for y’all and see what you think!"

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