Russell Dickerson Talks Finding Support In God And Family For Joyful Life

Russell Dickerson's new song "Good Day To Have A Great Day" is out now.

Russell Dickerson has crafted an image for himself that depicts a happily married father of two who loves his family, NASCAR, sleeveless shirts and laughter. He's dedicated to dropping smiles wherever he goes, and his new song "Good Day To Have A Great Day" delivers on the promise. 

"Good day to have a great day is pretty much my life motto," Dickerson said, explaining he thought it would make a great song title for a while. "I'm so pumped that it actually turned into such a great song that I can sing for the rest of my life."

Dickerson penned the song with Jesse Frasure, Justin Tranter and Eren Cannata. "Good Day To Have A Great Day" is the follow-up to his fifth No. 1 hit, "God Gave Me a Girl." The northwest Tennessee native will join Sam Hunt's Locked Up Tour this summer before launching his Good Day To Have A Great Day European tour in August. 

The singer remembers the group was writing in Frasure's studio, and it was the second time he'd worked with Tranter and Cannata. He said they had "kind of got a hint of" his personality and what he was about. Then, everyone started throwing out song titles. 

"I was like, 'This may be the dumbest title I've ever put in my phone, but it could be amazing," Dickerson said. 

The title was "Good Day To Have A Great Day", and his co-writers loved it. Frasure already had a track that Dickerson felt fit the song—happy and bouncy. The men wrote the song in an hour and then spent the rest of the session singing and stacking vocals for the recorded version of the song.

Dickerson posted video on Instagram of himself and his wife riding around listening to the song and explained playing new songs and demos is what they do when they're in the car together. The couple wants to see which titles they want to keep listening to. But their 3-year-old son, Remington, is the biggest test. 

"I'm like, 'What songs is Remington singing?" Dickerson said. "If a 3-year-old can memorize this and wants to hear it and is singing it, there's nothing holding them back. They're not worried about this or that. It's just like, 'What song gets stuck in his head, too?'"

The singer's favorite place to connect with listeners is his live show. He calls it "The RD Party" and said that's where people can really understand who Russell Dickerson is. He obsesses daily over how to pack the most emotion into every second of his 100-minute set. He wants to wedge as much of his personality as he can into the live experience. 

But if fans want to know where Dickerson finds the joy for which he's becoming known – that's easier for him to explain.

"The joy of the Lord is my strength," Dickerson said. "But I feel like I've just learned to not take anything too seriously. It's such an honor to be a part of this industry, but there's more to life than to getting famous and having money. It's about art. It's about love and that's my wife, my family. I heavily rely on my relationship with Jesus to give me hope and realize that there's more to life than just this whole country music dream we're all living."

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