Amanda Shires Says The Highwomen Are Creating More Female Country Music Heroes

"[I want to] shine some light and try and make the lanes a little wider," says the singer-songwriter

On a forthcoming episode of The Big Interview with Dan Rather, country singer-songwriter Amanda Shires is featured alongside her equally famous husband, Jason Ibell. During the interview, Shires is asked about The Highwomen, her five-year-old, award-winning supergroup alongside Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby and Maren Morris. "I think back about my musical heroes and how few were women, ‘why don’t we just try to do that,’ and shine some light and try and make the lanes a little wider," she says.

Continuing, the singer-songwriter and fiddle player adds, “I miss good songs. And the voices of folks like Waylon Jennings [too]," the artist adds. The Highwomen's quartet of 2019-released singles -- "Redesigning Women," "Crowded Table," "Highwomen," and a cover of Fleetwood Mac's 1977 hit "The Chain" -- reached Billboard's Country and Adult Alternative charts in an attempt to resolve both of these qualities Shires feels are missing from the modern country conversation.

In regards to Shires' statement, her husband Jason Isbell adds, “[Quality songs] exist, but they’re not put into the mainstream the way they used to be. People are still making the most beautiful, incredible, poignant, poetic music ever. They just aren’t getting heard very much. Because there’s a whole lot of music out there, and there are still a lot of gatekeepers."

When recently asked about forthcoming Highwomen material while at the ACM Awards, Shires offered the following statement: "In the future, [my vision for the Highwomen is] to continue to expand, to make sure that the band and the group is never as important as the names inside of the group. It's always meant to be a place where people could come in, tell their stories, get their voices heard, and be a place of love and accommodation, you know?"

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