Billy Ray Cyrus Finds Higher Power in "Higher Ground"

"This entire music video came together very organically,” he says.

Billy Ray Cyrus is showing his spiritual side in the new video for “Higher Ground.” The song and video bring light to Feed the Front Line, an organization supporting the local restaurant industry as well as front line workers.

Cyrus’ brother and sister-in-law shot the video on an iPhone in Thompson's Station, Tennessee, south of Nashville, at a Church of Christ chapel and nearby railroad tracks. Meanwhile his musical collaborator, Meghan Patrick, filmed her content on an iPhone in rural Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

"This entire music video came together very organically,” Cyrus says. “The original footage was for CMT's virtual concert benefit, but when Meghan recorded some vocals, we knew we had to lay down some video for a simple, yet captivating music video edited by Derrek Kupish."

For now, the song isn't for sale or on streaming -- instead, it's a passion project for Cyrus to raise awareness about the sacrifices front line workers are making during this historic time.

Cyrus wrote "Higher Ground" with Paul Sikes and felt compelled to record it during this pandemic because of the message: that's there's a higher power on higher ground. By sharing the new music, he also shares his hope that his fans are inspired and uplifted, and will take a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature and celebrate the real heroes during this crisis.

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