Matt Stell Shares His Journey From Sports and Medicine to Country Star

The "Prayed For You" vocalist "[wants] to play music [he cares] about to people it matters to"

In a recent feature for Women's Wear Daily, soft yet well-spoken emerging singer-songwriter star Matt Stell is described in a manner that makes him unique amongst country music's newest top performers: An alternative rock-listening, 6-foot-7 college basketball player who was accepted into a pre-med program at Harvard University’s Extension School. However, his 2019 singles "Prayed for You" and “Everywhere But On” were immediately connective chart-toppers. In the interview, he divulged a few of his thoughts on how he's been able to connect so well to his developing fanbase.

“I come from nowhere, Arkansas, which I love and am proud of, but I’ve learned since I’ve been in this business how important a cohesive look is to your art," says the Center Ridge, Arkansas, native. "That visual representation of what you’re doing is so much more immediate than giving somebody four minutes to listen to a song.” Moreover, he continues, "In a perfect world, I want to play music I care about to people it matters to, and I want to do that on as big a scale as possible.”

Though he's "chomping at the bit" to get back on the road and play as many shows as possible, regarding expanding his stardom past the stage, he's keen on that, too. “I don’t like to let opportunities of any kind go by without at least failing at them. So any time something comes up that’s outside my wheelhouse, whether it’s acting for a music video or reading for a part — I don’t have any background in that so it’s new and uncomfortable, but it’s been my MO to try and chase those things down and see what happens.”

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