Luke Bryan Reminds Us to Keep Being Good

Behind the Scenes of His "Good" Video

While the people calling the shots behind the scenes of a video shoot -- in this case Wes Edwards and Paul Cain -- tend to talk about the high-tech details of the production, Luke Bryan sums things up with a simple message to everyone watching the clip from his "Most People Are Good" shoot.

"Keep being good out there," Bryan says in the new People video.

And what, specifically, does he mean by "good?" Just listen to the song, and it is obvious what Bryan considers good and what he believes in:

* Kids oughta stay kids, climb trees and get dirt on their hands

* Forgive and make amends

* Work hard for what you got

* Mamas oughta qualify for sainthood

* Love who you love

* Youth is spent well on the young

* Days go slow and years go fast

* Every breath's a gift, the first one to the last

* This world ain't half as bad as it looks

Bryan is currently Down Under for a string of tour stops in Australia, then he's in Hawaii and then he will be back stateside for his What Makes You Country tour, which wraps Oct. 26 in Detroit.

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