CMT Roundup: New Music From Emily Ann Roberts, HARDY, Darryl Worley and More

Hear the newest in country music on CMT's playlist The Roundup

New country songs are more plentiful this week than raindrops in April. Artists with new songs falling into your playlist include Zac Brown with Mac McAnally, Danielle Bradbery, HARDY, Emily Ann Roberts, Darryl Worley and many others.

Check out these songs and more on CMT's new music playlist The Roundup.

Zac Brown, Mac McAnally, “Pirates & Parrots”: “I'm so excited for you to hear this song and to pay tribute to Jimmy Buffett," Zac Brown says. "It hit me hard when we found out he was exiting the stage, he was an incredible human being.”

Joy Oladokun, "Questions, Chaos, and Faith": "For those of you who follow me, it's no secret that I’ve been sad," she wrote on Instagram. "i have wrestled deeply with the ways my life has changed. as i was processing my current affliction in therapy, another instance of mourning came to mind—the passing of my childhood best friend casey. we were a pair. i was the weird immigrant kid and she was the fiery new girl with great music taste. we would trade songs and secrets every day after school. i even play the guitar because casey told me not to give up. i wrote questions chaos and faith in one take. sat in my home studio with my guitar and my feelings and let it out. today, i release it here in casey’s honor her birthday was a few days ago). i hope it heals something in you like it has me."

Danielle Bradbery, “Younger and Wiser”: “Kids always seem to live a bit more fearlessly…at least I did,” Bradbery says. “We would act reckless, fall and get a few scrapes then get back up and keep playing. Even though we were young, we still marched to the beat of our own drum, and knew how to do things with so much freedom in our hearts. Where did that go?  When I think of my younger self I think, I wish I could get her back. I tell myself ‘I need to be more like her!’ This song is a tribute to our younger selves and a reminder of how strong we really are. Let's not forget to tap into our younger selves as we go through this life. Our inner child knew how to just live.”

HARDY, “Gin & Juice”: “I’m still in disbelief, but I am so stoked to announce that I recorded my version of this classic record for the short film ‘Gin and Juice’ with the blessing of @drdre and @snoopdogg themselves,” HARDY wrote on Instagram. “Thankful for the opportunity.”

Darryl Worley with Chris Janson and Justin Moore, “Tractor Time”: "My new song, 'Tractor Time,' drops today and I think it's the perfect summer anthem," explains Worley. "I’m so grateful to have Justin Moore and Chris Janson on this tune with me. It’s a fun little number with a big fat groove and a contagious melody. Turn up the dial and get yourself a little dose of redneck therapy."

Adeem The Artist, “Socialite Blues”: “So many blues songs act as lamentations,” says Adeem, who ended up writing “Socialite Blues” for their partner Hannah. “I thought it could be fun to give language to Hannie’s need to go out less now that life demands so much extroversion of us.”

Colin Stough, “Makes Two Of Us”: “Makes Two of Us’ is about that after a breakup thing where you keep thinking about your ex. It’s those lonely moments when your brain kicks in and you start thinking about them, then you start debating on whether or not you should reach out just in case they’re thinking of you too,” shares Stough. “You find yourself wondering if they’re thinking of doing the same, even though you know that reaching out never gets you anywhere and is pretty much a horrible idea.”

Hayes & The Heathens (Hayes Carll and The Band of Heathens) “Nobody Dies From Weed”: "While we’re not ‘technically' doctors, we did do our own research and found this to be mostly true,” says Hayes Carll on the tune. "You’re welcome!”

LOCASH, “Hometown Home”: “It’s about planting roots, hand-holding, kitchen dancing: an anthem for building a life together,” LOCASH explains. “It’s about creating a home inside a town you've always known. It’s a reminder for all of us of how important our roots are. We think about how lucky we are with our wives and families — knowing we would go wherever they want to go, but a li’l reminder that we could stay right where we started. ‘Hometown Home’ is for all of us.”

Nolan Taylor, “It The Other Room”: “‘In The Other Room’ is a song that for me resonates in so many ways,” says Taylor. “It could be from death to living in some sort of hostility, to ‘when you have more than one room, you can be in the other room.’ I’m excited to be able to keep releasing these songs that take such deep looks into my life and the things that live inside my head. I hope you all enjoy this one cause I am so extremely proud of it. Onward and upward. I love you all.”

Frank Ray, “Uh-huh (Ajá)”: “Music is the best representation of who I am,” says Ray. “Shay and Pedro perfectly captured the essence of Latin music, with constant changes, vibrant horns and rhythmic percussive elements. The second I heard the demo I immediately knew I needed to put this song out as my next single because it encompasses everything I'm known for, whether it's traditional country music, family tunes, party anthems, R&B rhythms, pop, soul or Latin flavor - there's something in this song for everyone.”

Ryan Charles, “Heartbreak Rodeo”: “Heartbreak Rodeo is the song we all hum, heartbroken on the back of a horse, just trying to find some light,” Charles says.

Albums out today:

Emily Ann Roberts, “You Can’t Hide Country Deluxe Edition”: “This record is my introduction to country music and when you have the opportunity to have 3 more songs as a part of that, they better say something," Roberts says. "I’m so excited to complete this project with, ‘Working On Love,’ ‘Back Home,’ and ‘When I’m Gone.’ These songs mean so much to me for different reasons, but most of all they’re all rooted in the things I’ve learned from over the past eight years of pursuing this dream.

Tyler Halverson, “Western Amerijuana (Part 1)”: “‘Good Graces’ is one of those songs that came from conversation,” says Halverson. “I had asked an old guy at a bar once what he had been up to, and all he said was praying for rain. That rain waters his crops and livestock and lets him provide for his family. This one’s about the hard work, patience and prayers it takes to be a farmer and rancher.”

Craig Campbell, “Class of ’89 album”: “I have been dreaming of recording this album for as long as I can remember,” Campbell says. “These songs are some of the reasons I fell in love with country music in the first place. Every song on this album has a story, and each one of those stories shaped me into the country singer I am today. There will never be anyone that can do these songs as good as the originals, but at the very least I hope I made them proud.”

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